Recording Meeting Date Speaker Topic
19901216 JPJ 16th December 1990 J Philip Jones Two Disappointed People
110130 TEB 30th January 2011 Terrence L. Balls Waiting
110227 DJR 27th February 2011 David J. Robins The Lord in the Midst
110626 DEW 26th June 2011 David E. Wells God Speaking
110724 RLB 24th July 2011 Robert L. Bacon Every Mouth
110828 AJS 28th August 2011 Anthony J. Sheldrake The Days of Noah
111204 AHW 4th December 2011 Alan H. Worsley Incidents on the Way to Jerusalem
120122 GSB 22nd January 2012 Geoffrey S. Bacon The Shepherd
120226 DJR 26th February 2012 David J. Robins Hope
120325 NEW 25th March 2012 Norman E. Woolcock Building on the Right Foundations
120527 RLB 27th May 2012 Robert L. Bacon Things that are Right
120617 GSB 17th June 2012 Geoffrey S. Bacon Strength and Weakness
120722 DJR 22nd July 2012 David J. Robins The Soul
121007 GSBSF 7th October 2012 Geoffrey S. Bacon Redemption
121028 DJR 28th October 2012 David J. Robins The Face of Jesus
130224 AHW 24th February 2013 Alan H. Worsley Victory Over Death
130428 DEW 28th April 2013 David E. Wells Four Anchors
140223 NEW 23rd February 2014 Norman E. Wooolcock A Sure Foundation
140525 AHW 25th May 2014 Alan H. Worsley The Only-Begotten Son
140601 NEW 1st June 2014 Norman E. Woolcock The Power of the Gospel
140817 DEW 17th August 2014 David E. Wells Jesus the Nazarene
140914 GSB 14th September 2014 Geoffrey S. Bacon Someone is Needed to Help
141018 ER 19th October 2014 Edwin Rogers The Power of the Lord Jesus to Save
141109 BP 9th November 2014 Brian Parr Saved by Christ and Serving Christ
141221 AJS 21st December 2014 Tony Sheldrake Glory to God in the Highest
150111 GSB 11th January 2015 Geoffrey Bacon Hearing and Speaking
151004 DEW 4th October 2015 David Wells Our Relationship with the Lord Jesus
151122 DJR 22nd November 2015 David Robins Jesus Himself
151129 GSB 29th November 2015 Geoffrey Bacon God's Gospel Concerning His Son
160103 AJS 3rd January 2016 Tony Sheldrake Beginnings
160124 AJS 24th January 2016 Tony Sheldrake Endings
160327 RC 27th March 2016 Bob Cuckney The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus
160522 IDPr 22nd May 2016 Ian Dickson The Soul, Heart, Life and Body
160605 GSB 5th June 2016 Geoffrey Bacon The Windows of Heaven
160612 NEW 12th June 2016 Norman Woolcock God's Desires for Man
160724 TLB 24th July 2016 Terry Balls Opened Eyes
161009 JD 9th October 2016 Jim Dryden Four Things Exceeding Wise
161120 NP 20th November 2016 Nitish Patel Repentance
170226 AJS 26th February 2017 Tony Sheldrake The Righteousness of Faith
170326 GSB 26th March 2017 Geoffrey Bacon The Last Adam displacing the first
170423 TLB 23rd April 2017 Terry Balls The Grace of God
170618 DFW 18th June 2017 David Wiseman Obey the Gospel
171126 IJ 26th November 2017 Iain Jamieson The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Son of God
180114 GSB 14th January 2018 Geoffrey Bacon Our Names Written - Where?
180128 MAG 28th January 2018 Michael Godwin Come to Me
180311 GSB 11th March 2018 Geoffrey Bacon The Path of the Just
180325 JA 25th March 2018 Jon Ashton The Precious Blood of Christ
180408 AJS 8th April 2018 Tony Sheldrake Two Appearings
180513 TLB 13th May 2018 Terry Balls Our Feet and the Feet of Christ
180722 MGd 22nd July 2018 Martin Girard From Gloom to Gladness
180909 IJ 9th September 2018 Iain Jamieson A Prepared Place
180923 MAG 23rd September 2018 Michael Godwin A New Beginning
181014 GR 14th October 2018 Gareth Roderick Times and Appointments
181028 DJR 28th October 2018 David Robins So Great Salvation
181111 GSB 11th November 2018 Geoffrey Bacon Joy in Heaven
181125 AJS 25th November 2018 Tony Sheldrake The Angel's Celebration
190113 MG 13th January 2019 Martin Girard The Lord in the Midst
190127 GSB 27th January 2019 Geoffrey Bacon God's Work of Grace
190224 AJS 24th February 2019 Tony Sheldrake Light
190310 MAG 10th March 2019 Michael Godwin Paul's Defence of the Gospel
190414 GSB 14th April 2019 Geoffrey Bacon God's lovingkindness, truth, exaltation and glory
190512 DH 12th May 2019 David Hill Jesus coming to Jericho